Show mouse click

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Show mouse click

Show mouse click is a freeware, easy to use software that lets you see whenever the mouse is clicked.


  • Draws a circle in place where left mouse button was clicked.
  • Customize-able circle visibility duration after the click.
  • Customize-able circle color.
  • Activate/deactivate without closing the application.


  1. Download the zip archive from here.
  2. Run the archive and extract the contents.
  3. Go to the folder you have extracted the contents to and run the ShowMouseClick.exe file.
  4. Should work fine in Windows XP/Vista/7.
Thats it. You can also place the shortcut on the desktop if you wish.

Anti-virus false positives

Some anti-viruses may report this as a virus while it is not. There is no virus or spyware inside!
The self extracting file ShowMouseClick.sfx.exe VirusTotal report here
The archive contains only 2 files:
  • ShowMouseClick.exe, VirusTotal report here
  • mh.dll, VirusTotal report here

How to use

Run the ShowMouseClick.exe file.
You should see the program icon appear in the task bar near the clock.
Right clicking it will show the menu.
Option "Active" determines if the circles (dots) are going to be shown or not.
Option "Exit" closes the program.
Option "Settings" opens up the settings window.
In the settings window you can set the time the circles are going to stay on the screen after each mouse left button click.
The dot color determines the color of the circle that is displayed on the screen.
When you release the left mouse button, the circle will be drawn in place and will stay there for the amount of time specified in settings.